We are a small graphic design studio based in Norway and Poland. We like to work with complex identity systems, starting with logo and ending with print and interaction design, but also small one-off projects. In our portfolio you can find websites, corporate identity systems, posters, web graphics as well as clothing design, animation, books, illustration and more. We are a well-integrated team, communitation with us is easy and we work vigorously with great personal involvement. We like variety and appreciate new challenges. We observe current trends but also try new ways, beyond what is just "trendy", and suggest different solutions. And above all, we are passionate about what we do.

Our studio was established in 2009. So far we have been working with major institutions (cultural centers, public institutions, associations, museums), commercial businesses as well as individuals. By working with different types of customers, we have been able to develop and increase our qualifications and expertise.


• editorial and print design

• visual identity

• corporate identity

• multimedia design

• web and interaction design

• animation and illustration

• print and paper advice


Our projects are created using a wide range of media (from large LED displays to paper) that are utilized to the greatest extent possible. In case of print, we choose paper and finishing so that everything works as an integrated whole whilst multimedia we use wisely, so that the effects don't cover the message. We know how to use strong and expressive instruments, but also simple, minimalistic means of expression. We supervise the project not only during the creation phase, but throughout the whole production process through regular contact with both customer and supplier (programmers, printers, paper specialists etc.). We only consider our work as finished when the final product is complete.

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